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                               About Us
     Thank you for visiting madeintheusaclothing.com We are happy to offer you this fine selection of 100% Made In America clothing. Since 1999 I have had the pleasure of running the Arizona Cap Company a screenprinting and embroidery company in Scottsdale, Arizona. At Arizona Cap we sell dozens of the the most popular brands of  shirts and caps, all with our clients' custom logos printed or embroidered on them. We offer brands like Hanes, Gildan, Jerzees, Arnold Palmer, Izod and Nike Golf - All of which are made overseas and have been for some time. In addition to these brands we have always worked hard to locate the few remaining American mills that produce shirts and caps. For our customers that required USA or Union Made goods we have always been able to source these goods.
    Although the bulk of our business was always the imported big brand names, we received a steady stream of inquiries for American made goods. For businesses, clubs and unions who were looking to purchase custom decorated goods in bulk quantity, we were always able to help them, but for the individual who was seeking a single piece or two of blank USA made clothing we were no help. It was not unusual for us to tell a caller on the phone or by email that we had minimum orders and that they could not buy single pieces or blanks. For the imported brands we could always point them to a local store or a website where they could get just one of what they wanted but for American made goods we had no where to send them. So finally we decided to create this site where individuals like you can purchase American Made clothing without having to get a logo on it or buy a million pieces.
     I hope you will enjoy your American made purchases and share this site with your friends, family and associates who value American made products.

      About The Availability of American Clothing
     For several decades US clothing manufacturers have been moving plants overseas and or closing plants in the United States. Cheaper labor in foreign countries has made it extremely difficult for US mills to produce a product at a price that competes with imported clothing. We are not here to say whether that is good or bad. Americans vote every day with their dollars and they have chosen to have the bulk of their clothing made overseas. This is not a political website. We are not here to protest or lament the facts of our economy. This site exists solely because American made clothing is a product that some people (probably you or you wouldn't have read this far) still want and we are happy to serve you.
     As you have probably found in your quest for American clothing, there are very few manufacturers that still make their products here in the US. Of the ones that do (and we know most of them) some use imported fabrics, some do partial assembly overseas, some have switched to using inferior raw materials in a foolish effort to compete with foreign mills on price. Of the mills that do make a high quality 100% American product, many of them are "cut to order" mills, meaning that they only produce to their buyers specification and in large quantities. Others produce a good product but do not stock enough inventory to guarantee availability throughout the year. Some are so difficult to deal with that it's a miracle they have survived this long. So from an already small and shrinking pool of suppliers we have to carefully pick the best for you. Thank you for helping us make these products available.

Stacy Stine





Frequently Asked Questions

Are all of these products Made In The USA?
Yes! All items featured on the madeintheusaclothing.com website are made In the United States.

How much is shipping and handling?
Shipping for orders under $50 is $5.00 to all US Addresses including APO and FPO addresses. For orders over $50 shipping is FREE.

Can I link to your site on my (my union's, my clubs etc) website?
Yes feel free to promote this site in online or print materials.

Can I call you with my order?
No. All orders must be placed online. In order to make these USA made products available we must streamline the process and overhead as much as possible. If you would like to contact us you can reach us info@madeintheusaclothing.com

Do you ship outside the United States?

No. Thanks for your interest but why not buy a shirt from your own country or visit us here in the USA. It's a nice place for a vacation.

Do you sell wholesale?
Yes and No. In quantities over 36 pieces we offer a 25% discount. That is our only wholesale discount program. You can email us to order at info@madeintheusaclothing.com If you are a screenprinter, embroiderer, promotional products distributor you are welcome to buy them at that price but there are no other discounts, not even for you.

Can I get a logo printed/embroidered on it?
No, not from us but we are owned by Arizona Cap Company www.arizonacap.com a custom printing and embroidery company in Scottsdale Arizona. With a minimum order of 24 pieces they will provide you custom printed and embroidered sportswear, including but not limited to USA made items - Important! If you talk to them please make sure to mention right away that you require USA made goods. Most of the items on their site are imported and they will need to specially source your American made goods.

Are these items Union Made?
In most cases, No. If an item is Union Made we will note it as such in the description of the item.

Do you have any... Can I get a ...?
No. If you do not see it listed on one of our pages we do not currently offer it for sale. Although we have sources for many more American made items we only list items that meet all of our rigorous qualifications, including high quality, good inventory, and a reasonable price. Check back frequently to see if items have been added.

What is your return policy?
Defective items will be promptly replaced. No exchanges or returns for size or color are allowed.

I don't use credit cards can I mail you an order?
Yes, You can mail your order with payment by check or money order to the address below. Important - Make all checks payable to Arizona Cap

Arizona Cap
6353 E Nugget Patch Tr
Prescott, AZ 86303










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